Winding Path

A path winds through the woods,
Through dappled light and shadow,
Over roots and stones it goes,
And where it leads, we don't know.

Sometimes the way is smooth,
And we walk with ease and grace,
Other times it's steep and rough,
And we struggle to keep pace.

But no matter what the terrain,
The path always beckons us on,
With promises of new sights to see,
And adventures yet to be won.

So we follow it eagerly,
Our hearts filled with wonder and hope,
For we know that every step we take,
Brings us closer to our dreams' scope.

And though the path may be winding,
And the end may be out of sight,
We trust that it will lead us,
To a place of joy and light.

For the path is not just a trail,
But a journey of discovery,
A chance to find ourselves,
And to uncover our true destiny.

So let us walk this path with courage,
And with a spirit of adventure,
For on this journey we will find,
The beauty of life's grandeur.